Museolog is a software system, developed by FOSS team within UNESCO HeritageNet project, and localised by local NGO in Almaty with help odf Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan where initial functions of input and editing of museum catalogues are provided by a modern intuitive graphical interface using forms and menu. Resent development of the Museolog make it compatible with the Object ID standard.

Museolog offers the following functions:

  1. The software enables the creation of a record across several interactive sessions, with the possibility to save non-validated, incomplete records for future completion.
  2. Managing objects movements and restoration work
  3. Searching and selecting records
  4. Printing records
  5. Managing images (digital photographs)
  6. Saving and archiving the database
  7. Exporting data
  8. Managing thesauruses and authority lists
  • More details available here.
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