18 May 2005, Museums Day. Training on UNESCO Museolog Software, Central State Museum, 18-19 May 2005, Almaty.
In framework of UNESCO activity Supporting culturally diverse and multilingual contents two days workshop on new version of Museolog Software will take place in Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, 18-19 May 2005, Almaty.

UNESCO Software Museolog is advanced tool for museum records management, it based on the Opens Source approach and International Cataloguisation Standards. The Museolog technology is using server where all records and queries are running under Linux. Users and Administrators can enjoy digital catalogue via any browser under any operation system, even via Internet or Local Network. Many museums in Central Asia are requested to develop Museolog special edition for public funded organizations. Some of museums do not have a Server and LAN. All they can afford is only one PC per Institution.

For this specific workshop UNESCO Almaty developed special 4.6 Museolog edition which executed in one machine under ALT Linux OS, with support of Open Catalogues for general public. All classic formats and files is maintained by this platform as normal workstation. Same time it possible to use as web server and digital library or standalone solution.

Download latest version of the software possible from the world's largest Open Source software development website sourceFORGE.net
Free Software Portal
Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Science and Higher School about Museolog

Website: http://museolog.unesco.kz/

Russian version

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  • 26-05-2009 Upload Museolog 4.7 for Windows Languages: En,Fr,Ru,Kz,Tj / Upload Win 4.7 using SourceForge
  • 26-07-2008 Upload Museolog 4.7 for Windows / Upload Linux using SourceForge
  • 26-02-2007 Upload Museolog 4.7 for Windows Userguide in Russian, Thesauruses
  • 02-05-2005 Upload Museolog 4.6 for Windows
  • 29-03-2005 Upload Museolog 4.5-6 for Alt Linux
  • 02-03-2005 Web-site has been moved to SourceForge.net
  • 07-02-2003 Museolog v4.5 for Debian released
  • 07-01-2003 Museolog v4.4 for Debian released
  • 26-11-2002 Museolog v4.3 released
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