4 June 2003, Promotion of language diversity on the Internet for Museum community.
Museolog software was completed and adopted to local environment. As a result special server was set up. There was developed Russian interface and updated the source code. The software is working now and available at the address below: http://museolog.unesco.kz:8080/museolog/

Local museums already using this software successfully, filling the records and pictures into the databases. New museums applied to use the Museolog application for their data management.

Russian version

  • 26-05-2009 Upload Museolog 4.7 for Windows Languages: En,Fr,Ru,Kz,Tj / Upload Win 4.7 using SourceForge
  • 26-07-2008 Upload Museolog 4.7 for Windows / Upload Linux using SourceForge
  • 26-02-2007 Upload Museolog 4.7 for Windows Userguide in Russian, Thesauruses
  • 02-05-2005 Upload Museolog 4.6 for Windows
  • 29-03-2005 Upload Museolog 4.5-6 for Alt Linux
  • 02-03-2005 Web-site has been moved to SourceForge.net
  • 07-02-2003 Museolog v4.5 for Debian released
  • 07-01-2003 Museolog v4.4 for Debian released
  • 26-11-2002 Museolog v4.3 released
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